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We design interiors for homes, apartments and commercial spaces that are comfortable, personal and imaginative. Great interior design is an art that reflects who you are in ways you may not have imagined.

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We believe that the best designs are the result of meaningful dialogue and trust between designer and client. In every project, we strive to fully understand the needs of our clients. This includes, for example, the famous actress Nikol Štíbrová, or fashion influencer Týna Třešničková.

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Tempus Design

Who we are

Since its inception, Tempus Design has grown into a large family of creative and innovative interior designers. We believe that the best designs are the result of meaningful dialogue and trust between designer and client. We belong to a group of companies under the Tempus brand, where we approach living with a real passion and attention to detail. We are ready to offer our clients a truly comprehensive service, from the initial design, through construction, interior fit-out and real estate agency services.

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Interior design in the form of a layout solution



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Architectural interior design, Table of elements and materials with indicative budget


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Architectural interior design, Project documentation, Table of elements and materials with indicative budget

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Influencers and their references

Our cooperation

Monika Bagárová

"You helped me realize my dream, for which I am very grateful and thank you."

Nikol Leitgeb Stybrova

A bunch of brilliant ideas that I would never have had a chance to come up with. And absolutely perfect 3D visuals. I can't even imagine doing this without you...

Martina Pártlová

"Our collaboration is simply great, I love how the idea becomes reality!"

Týna Třešničková, Prague

I really like the fact that we tweak it together until I'm completely and utterly satisfied. I have a specific style, and you understand. Thank you! Thank you!

Eva Decastelo

Thank you very much for the beautiful designs. We are really happy to cooperate with you, you don't know how happy we are! It is money very well invested.

Hana Drozdová

"Many thanks to the architects for helping me with the whole interior, as I myself am able to mix ten styles together."

Simona Krainová

Simona worked with us from the beginning to create the idea and style of the interior design, which combined her attractive look with our professional work. In the design we used original accessories that gave the interior an effect of perfection.

Anna Kadeřávková

The interior is a combination of playfulness of natural shades of colours and lights, it is gentle and perfectly describes Anička's style. The use of golden elements has added a touch of luxury to the interior.

Mirai Navratil

Every detail of the interior uses natural wood and graceful lines to create a perfect whole. Whether you're strolling through the apartment or sitting at the beautiful piano, this space bears the unmistakable signature of Mirai, combining elegance and uniqueness.

Luboš Kulíšek and Jan Hrdlička

Designing the interior for Luboš and Jana was a real challenge for us, as their apartment is not only a living space, but also serves as a studio for shooting videos. With this amazing combination, we focused on creating a practical space that also looks great on camera. Every detail was carefully considered to achieve optimal functionality and an aesthetic that captures their unique lifestyle.

Marek Dvorak

The interior for Mark Dvořák was designed with careful consideration for his needs. Practicality, airiness and above all the safety of the child were our key priorities. Every detail was thought out throughout the house, and the result is a stunning space that deserves admiration.

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Whether you're looking to build your dream home or want help furnishing your apartment or renovating a room, we'll be happy to help. No project is too big or too small for us. We always clarify expectations and budget first, fine tune the style and tailor everything to your individual needs, preferences and lifestyle.


Processing of interior design

Interior, exterior and garden design in 3D visualization.

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Elaboration of project documentation

Preparation of project documentation as procurement documents for manufacturers (e.g. carpenters and other professional trades).

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Preparation of a clear list of materials

Preparation of a clear list of materials including an indicative budget

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Turnkey implementation of the entire project

Implementation of the entire project on a turnkey basis (coordination of activities between construction and subcontractors).

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Portfolio of verified suppliers

Portfolio of proven suppliers for quality project implementation.

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