Simona Krainová showed her apartment after expensive renovation: elegant luxury in white!

Simona Krainová showed her apartment after expensive renovation: elegant luxury in white!

The top model couldn't wait for the new coat of her beloved home. Renovations began on January 30 - and now everything is finally complete. The renovation time was spent by the family of four Krain and Karel Wagner Jr. in the Dominican Republic, where they bought an apartment some time ago. 

Dara's duplex

Simona bought her rooftop duplex in Prague 6 long before she met Karel. When their son Max was about to be born, they bought the neighbouring apartment from Dara Rolins (50) and connected the two spaces. The result was a luxurious 400 m² home. The new apartment offers a very clean and minimalist design according to the latest design trends, dominated by timeless white and light wood. 

Wood, white and fear for the future

At the entrance to the apartment, the model is greeted by a family photo across one entire wall. She can check her outfit in a large round mirror. The bright stairs upstairs lead straight into the kitchen, which is complemented by a bespoke cabinet system and a hob island lit by a skylight.

In the living room, a huge U-shaped sofa with a simple wooden block table and a view of the TV await parents and their children. A large fluffy decorative chandelier hangs above the sofa. Only the finest recyclable materials have been used, it is said - because of concern for the future of the planet.

Everything corresponds exactly to the proposals Krainová published some time ago. However, she has not yet shown the appearance of the bedrooms.

"The apartment was absolutely beautiful, but as soon as the kids were born, a literal bomb exploded! Maxie was tapping his little hands on the walls to the rhythms of the Teletubbies. Bruno successfully followed suit, and over time they drew irregular and permanent pictures in the Brazilian cherry on the floor, not just with those orange tater tots. Eventually, as our family grew, they were joined by two partners, Angela & Aisha. To sum it up, we've managed to devastate the apartment and after 12 years, we're finally ready for a complete renovation," Krainova shared on social media as the renovation began.

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